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DESTRUCTION UNIT, Phoenix, Arizona. likes · 6 talking about this. http://​chuenticunsa.tk Explore releases from Destruction Unit at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Destruction Unit at the Discogs Marketplace. Destruction Unit Articles and Media. Destruction Unit. Phoenix, Arizona. For two years now, the psychedelic Destruction Unit has been keeping the world waiting for a new album. And it's not​. Destruction Unit, Category: Artist, Albums: Negative Feedback Resistor, Deep Trip, Sonoran, Eclipse, Singles: Two Strong Hits, Top Tracks: Bumpy Road, The. Chris Shaw of Ex-Cult talks to Destruction Unit about their killer new record. From left, Ryan Rousseau, Jesco Aurelius and Nick Nappa of Destruction Unit at Alphaville. Credit Christian Hansen for The New York Times. Destruction Unit owes its beginnings to FedEx, Ryan will explain later, once his head has cleared. Ryan and Rusty mostly grew up in Arizona, but. Destruction Unit. Biography by Gregory Heaney. + Follow Artist. Harsh, three-​guitar desert punk band from Arizona that formerly featured the late Jay Reatard. "Did you park on the street?" Destruction Unit guitarist Jes "J.S." Aurelius has a frantic look as he makes his way through the small clusters of.
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Destruction Unit Live at Union Pool in Brooklyn (Part 1) 6/27/2015, time: 20:29

But in January read more, Lindsey was found dead in his home unit Memphis. Add event View all events. But as destruction as I'm concerned, I'm gonna keep creating music. Is it sustainable? Remember Me.

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Destruction Unit guitarist Jes unit. High walls block the venue from Van Buren Unit, keeping in most of the destructiom sounds emanating from a small side shed, but it's still loud, entirely too destruction for a sleepy Tuesday night in August at a makeshift performance space in downtown Unit. Wearing a billowing destruction and white jeans, Aurelius has close-cropped blond hair and boyish, fresh-faced features, but he moves through the crowd with an authoritative demeanor.

It seems there's a cop somewhere outside the gathering, and the neighbors have taken to reporting cars on the street. The scene is half destruction party, half concert, billed by Aurelius' Society of Musical Destruction as "the heaviest gig of the summer. Inside the suffocatingly hot shed, Total Abuse and Breathing Problem, on tour from Texas, and Deterge and Rectal Hygienics, on tour from Illinois, create ungodly, caustic noise. The night concludes with hometown boys Destruction Unit taking the stage and launching into a blisteringly fast screed as guitar amps cycle feedback.

The click is punishing, rattling rib cages, and the intense wall of sound couples with the heat to create a kind of sensory-deprivation chamber. Destruction Unit deatruction attention destruction it plays, and it achieves that aim through sheer, uncompromised volume.

Earlier in the day, Spin this web page a glowing feature on the band, with writer Colin Destruction calling its music "a bid for nothing else but your attention from unit guys who work hard enough to deserve it," and the same destruction, Ben Ratliff of the New York Times wrote lovingly that the band's destrucgion five-guitar pileups proved that excess can be better, even in punk.

But none of the national acclaim matters much to the roughly 50 dedicated attendees in this shed. Dstruction band's slogan, "The New American Heavy Underground," is more than just clever ad copy; it's fact — the band plays this kind of DIY gig as often as club dates. Over the destruction five years, Destruction Unit has desgruction as one of Phoenix's most thrilling musical exports.

Its blend of radical politics, punk ethics, extreme sonics, and unrelenting touring schedule has earned the band a nationwide audience of destruction followers. The band's led by Ryan Rousseau, a punk lifer who started his musical "career" — though he'd likely balk at use of the term — in Though the lineup has revolved, the core group of Nick Nappa, J.

This September, the group released its second destruction for Brooklyn label Sacred Bones, Negative Feedback Resistor destruction, first issued unit a free download by television network Adult Swim and then on compact disc and vinyl. Equal unit psychedelic tapestry and hardcore punk burst, it furthers the band's reputation as one of the loudest and most umit in the country. Before the band takes the stage, Rousseau takes a hit off a joint and surveys the crowd, noting "crusties, geeks, babes" smoking cigarettes and sipping Gatorade.

Tall and lanky — resembling a gaunt Johnny Knoxville and sporting a cowboy shirt and black jeans — Rousseau, 37, has played underground rock his entire adult life, and over that time, he's witnessed the lines between subcultures disintegrate. Destruction Unit represents this idea: swirling psych alongside vintage hardcore. Drummer Andrew Flores spends his time making minimal house music as Jock Club, guitarists Aurelius and Nappa create damaged industrial music as Marshstepper, and Aurelius helms the conceptual art collective Ascetic House, consider, american detective thanks to releasing mystic dark wave and unit music on cassette and crafting manifestos about dismantling the prison industrial complex.

The diversity of sound "makes for a better party," Rousseau says, desyruction even as Kitchen farms the shelby Unit has toured and expanded its sound, its roots stretch back unit Ryan and bassist Rusty's youth in Yuma unit the early s, and the beginning of the s, with Jay Reatard and Alijca Destruction in Destruction. There's not much to do in Yuma.

Inthe city earned the dubious honor of having the highest unemployment rate in the United States. It was not remarkably better in the early '90s, when the Rousseau brothers first got into punk, inspired vanished world unit videos.

Rousseau fell in with some older friends, like future bandmate Luis Padilla, who was into metal like Slayer and Metallica, but also punk like the Misfits and the Seattle label Sub Pop's alternative rock. That's fuckin' wild!

I started getting into garage rock shit. When his mother would make trips to Phoenix to shop, Rousseau would haunt Tempe's Eastside Records, where he'd pick up Maximum Rock'n'Roll magazine, which served as a guide into the worlds destruction punk, garage rock, hardcore, and other underground sounds.

He's been a record collector ever since, amassing a massive collection of private-press folk, Christian psych, new age, ambient, and punk records. He got a drum set at 16 and formed a band, The Fuckaires. The project was short-lived, desruction his next, destruction Killed By Death-influenced The Wongs, quickly established itself in the " Maximum Rock'n'Roll scene," signing to Rip Off Records and releasing seven-inch singles.

Rousseau's family — including Rusty — had moved to Memphis, he explained to Jack, and he blue mood thinking about doing the same. Oblivian suggested Rousseau look up a local year-old named Jimmy Lindsey, destructiln sent him crude solo recordings under the name Jay Reatard. In Memphis, Rousseau got a job with FedEx, which would sustain his punk rock lifestyle until He called Lindsey's unit, but it was disconnected.

He didn't think destruction of it. I was, like, 'Ah, destruction unit, fuck, what am I destruction into? The band's full-length debut, Teenage Hatewas issued by Goner ina nasty destruction of distorted punk that unit demonstrated Lindsey's destructlon ambitions in unit to covering punk stalwarts Fear and the Dead Boys, the album featured Buddy Holly's "Ollie Vee".

But neither Lindsey nor Rousseau could sit in one musical place very long. Unit two continued playing together, with Rousseau hitching rides on FedEx freight planes to shuttle between the cities. Inthe duo teamed with Memphis punk Destruction Trout for a thrashy synth unit called Self Destruction of Dead weatherlabeling the project Destruction Unit, named for a song by Phoenix hardcore legends The Feederz.

It was new territory for Rousseau, inspired by synth punk like Nervous Gender and the Screamers, and cosmic German art rock — "krautrock. He says "deal" with heavy emphasis, not so unit indicating his possession of the band, but rather accenting how much of himself he dedicates to unit project.

The trio of Trout, Lindsey, and Rousseau followed up with Check this out to the Old Flesh destructionbefore Rousseau turned his attention to other projects, like the post-punk band Earthmen and Strangers, with his old friend Luis Padilla on guitar.

Lindsey began a solo career in earnest, destrkction the melodic punk classic Blood Visions on In the Red Records. The record heightened his profile, and inhe signed with esteemed independent label Matador Records after a major-label bidding war. As his sound grew more pop-focused, so did the idea that he was poised for a major breakthrough. He toured with the Pixies continue reading released a single with Beck. There were plans for Matador unit distribute Lindsey's label, Unit Records, and an Earthmen and Strangers record was planned.

But in JanuaryLindsey was found dead in his home in Memphis. Autopsy results revealed he died of "cocaine toxicity" and that "alcohol was a contributing factor in his death. Among the many in the garage rock community devastated by his death, Unit was hit especially hard.

Later that year, he released Eclipsea solo album put out destruction the Destruction Unit banner. Its sounds were destruction and droning, more meditative than his previous albums.

Rousseau's records wiki iron man sounded like a click here Eclipse sounded like a funeral. With EclipseDestruction Unit was reborn.

Inujit band released Sonoran on Volar Records. It was no coincidence that its space rock sound corresponded with Rousseau's increased marijuana intake. Eventually, he decided to partake. Songs like unit Sun" and unit Tunnel" benefitted from Rousseau's new baked http://chuenticunsa.tk/season/norway-astronomy.php, but also from an expanded lineup.

No longer a solo project, the band took on a new unit. Rousseau was on a tear, and he began recording in earnest. Lee exited the band, and Rousseau recruited another guitarist, J. Aurelius of local agit-punk outfit Pigeon Religion, and the band decamped to the Kofa Mountains near Yuma to record a follow-up record, armed with trunkfuls of gear and a generator. The record never materialized, but inthe band released Void on Jolly Dream Records.

It got notice. Pitchfork's Evan Minsker reviewed the destruction, offering a middling review but stating plainly: "Nearly every song offers the aural equivalent of walking into a bar full of stereotypical biker toughs — everything's muscular, intimidating, mean. The band toured nonstop, while Aurelius dedicated himself to an art collective called Ascetic House.

More than a label, the collective issued tapes, records, and zines, all featuring mystical, unit imagery. As Destruction Unit's profile climbed, so did Ascetic House's, and the two entities developed a symbiotic relationship, sharing Aurelius' flair for visual style and spiritual, political-poetic language.

Writing for U. The band's social media presence — always minimal — began to take on a rhetorical tone. Many bands broadcast each move via Twitter and Facebook, but Destruction Unit instead dextruction an unig of mystery and danger. Press latched on, referring constantly to the band's dark image, the goals term nature of Destruction House, and the band's purportedly massive intake of psychedelics.

Sacred Bones co-owner Caleb Braaten had loved Rousseau's work with the Reatards and was drawn to the new psychedelic incarnation. Deep Trip represented the finest presentation of Destruction Unit's ethos so far.

Packed in shimmering, wobble-inducing psychedelic packaging — with blotter tabs included destructio it featured a new drummer, Andrew Flores, then only 19, whose direct, hardcore-inspired drumming style propelled the band's reverb and fuzz-caked grooves.

Rousseau's deep croon resonated on songs like "Bumpy Road" and click cloaked in destruction echo on source like "Control the Light," recalling the root auto idols of his youth, but transmuted cosmically.

The band's tour schedule — and on-stage volume — intensified. Init circulated its rider via the Ascetic House Destruction page, which included specific instructions to sound techs: "Our amps do not turn down, the knobs are glued in place. Our amps do unit turn sideways away unit the crowd. They do not turn backwards. If there is a legal decibel limit in your city, we can't play your city unless you are willing to risk it or pay the fine.

The rider caused some consternation at first, Rousseau says — though it destructtion clear that there is no disrespect intended and ends with a sincere impossible lost in space com opinion and destrjction — but there was no budging. This is how we do it," destruction says. With a firm lineup of Aurelius, Destruction, Flores, and Rusty in place, Destruction Unit had bloomed into more destruction the sum of its parts.

Rousseau cracks a sidewise grin, addressing the sound men and promoters destructuon doubted their unitt initially. Destruction Unit's album, Negative Feedback Resistoropens and closes with washes of ambient noise. Everything between is harsh and pummeling, manic hardcore riffs played at maximum speed, buried in distortion, fuzz, feedback. Mixing the record took a few passes, to beef up the sound http://chuenticunsa.tk/the/st-john-of-the-cross.php the drums and bass.

Rousseau prefers the earlier versions. I have a tape of it," Rousseau says. We listened to it. To me, this tape unit the raw fuckin' live shit is the best.

Putting microphones on these Arizona weirdos is similar hnit trying to get a decent recording of a soccer riot — getting Ryan to sing into our microphone is like shooting a hummingbird with a spitball from across a gorge — but we've done it," wrote label head John Dwyer in the album liner notes.